Hello! Welcome to HomeintheBay!

We have created HomeintheBay as a showcase of all things wonderful about everyday boating.

Now, we aren’t talking superyachts and champagne with 10 crew, posing on deck with supermodels for a perfect Instagram post. (Sorry! Not sorry!). We are talking real life everyday boating. We like to think of it as after work boating, where you dump your bags at home at 5:30pm change into your deck shoes and run down to the marina. To take the boat out for a run across the bay or clean and polish the hull, or refuel the tanks, it doesn’t really matter, but you do what you can to prep for those perfect days where you find a little cove, anchor up and just chill all day in the sunshine.

Because, that’s what we do, and we want to share a little bit of our lifestyle with other everyday boaters, to talk about the challenges and rewards of boat ownership and introduce some boaty basics to those who might be thinking, yeah, this sounds cool – but where do I start?

Take a peek at our We Are HomeintheBay page to find out a little more about myself (Sophy) and Christian and the boats we own. We’ll bring stories to you from our families, and our other boaty pals, often so we can all learn from their mistakes and find out why owning a boat is often tricky but always worth it!

We aren’t trying to say we’re the best at boating, or that everything we do is totally correct. Owning a boat of any type is a constant learning experience and we hope to share our journey with anybody who’d like to come onboard.

Welcome on board!

Sophy & Christian

Our Torbay

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