How to use the ‘Tides Near Me’ App – Simple tide times straight to your phone for free!

As boaters, we are obsessed with two things. The weather. And tide times.

It’s super important to check your tide times regularly, for all sorts of reasons, and most marinas or places near the sea will be selling little tide table books for you to reference back to. Handy to have – but – we find they can be a tad fiddly, dropped in the sea or easily lost, etc. It’s a tad fussy and we like simple.

We have our phones on us all the time, so we use a really simple App on our phones called ‘Tides Near Me‘. We are on it everyday and thought we’d share how good this little app is – a best of all, it’s free! If you’re a boater and haven’t discovered this super-easy way of finding your local tide times yet, read on and we’ll show you just how easy it is.

Free or £2.99?

If you search on the app store or on google play (we use the iphone version so cannot speak for google play here) you’ll see there are two versions. One is free and one is £2.99 with no ads. We do not find the ads intrusive and there is a neat trick to remove them for a few days on the free one that we’ll show you. So take our advice, download the free one and pop the £3 saved in your boat fund instead.

Tides Near Me on the app store. For those who do not have it “OPEN” will read “GET” How can 3.67K people be wrong!

Open up the App on your phone

Nice and easy, tap the app to open.

The app will appear like this on your phone – tap to open.

Location Access to App

Tides Near Me is going to want to use your location info. This is up to you, but we chose allow.

Tides near me location access allow or don't allow

Choosing your local tide

Using their simple step by step process, choose your local tide station, see below for the tap throughs to finding ours, which, of course, is Torquay.

tides near me choose country

Choose UK

tides near me choose country 2

Choose England

tides near me choose city

Choose Torquay

tides near me choose city 2

Choose Torquay

Your 3 location sections

Once you’ve chosen your location. Each location is then broken down into 3 sections: Now, Week & Map. You can choose which display to see by tapping any of the three buttons located at the bottom of the screen, just above the small strip advert. And they look like this:

What the tides are doing today

What the tides are doing this week

Tide stations near current location choice


tides near me now page

This is the page we use the most, it’s bright and clear telling you the last tide, whether it was high or low and the next one too.

It also provides exact timings of when high and low tides are at your chosen location, with a countdown from the last tide and a countdown to the next one. Really helpful if you are planning a boat trip in a tidal area.

This section will also tell you the exact sunset time with a countdown and also the moonrise.

Again this will help when planning navigation, or out in the evening to know exactly when you will loose the light.


The week view is really useful for forecasting. if you scroll down this page, it will give you all the information from the now page for the week to come.

To give some extra information the tide depths have been included here too.

As have what I can only assume is a moon phase percentage. That is, how ‘full’ the moon is, although I cannot find any clarification on that, if anybody knows more, or thinks otherwise, please let us know!


The map section highlights your current chosen tide station in green and drops pins on the nearby stations in blue.

This is particularly helpful if you find yourself on a stretch of coastline you are unfamiliar with or cannot name.

If you have allowed the location access, this map will change wherever you are, to show nearby tide stations.

Favourite Tides

This a really useful feature if you travel around a lot, or if you find yourself back at the same places regularly. You can ‘favourite’ different tide stations and save them to your front page using the little star in top right hand corner of your page. Tap the star and it will change from an outline to a block coloured star so you know its been saved as a favourite.

Recent Tides

When you open the app after use, under the heading of Recent Tides, you will find your most recently visited tide pages.

Nearby Tides

If you chose allow back at the location access section, you will also see on the main page a list of your nearby tide stations, listed by distance from where you currently are.

Turn off ads for three days

If you use different apps a lot, you’ll know that they are usually offered to us for free in return for displaying us some adverts for 30s or so, once in a while to fund the apps development.

Tides Near Me does this, but not in an intrusive way. You have a slim strip of advertising banner at the bottom of each page, which truthfully you hardly notice. But if you do like your pages clutter free, there is a little feature on the front page which will remove ads for three whole days if you watch a short advertising video. Which seems very fair to me. (And works too by the way, if you were wondering!)

As simple as that…

Just so readers know, we are not endorsed or sponsored by ‘Tides Near Me’ in any way. It’s simply a great resource that’s free to use we wanted to share with you. If you have any other great resources you think would be helpful for other boaters to know about, please leave a comment below and we will be more than happy to review and try to include on further posts.

This post was inspired by Sophy’s Dad, who is more affectionately known as Captain Chaos. He had a recent run in with the tide proving that even despite over 40 years experience boating, anyone can still be caught out and end up very muddy!

He’s now using this app religiously.

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