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  • 13 Awesome Shark Species found in UK waters

    1st August 2019 by

    Sharks can get some bad rep. JAWS, Baby Shark, even Katy Perry’s Left Shark. But they’re a hugely important part of our oceans and they’ve even outlived the Dinosaurs, which in-itself is total win for evolution. Here in the Bay we don’t mention them much, which is odd, when we have some of the most… Read more

  • Slippery when wet! – Public Slipways of Torbay

    10th July 2019 by

    If like us you are still waiting for that lottery win to fund your sea front/river front home with built in boat garage and private slip, you’re going to have to use a public slipway. Last week I was asked about the slipways available for launching in the bay, so if you too want to… Read more

  • Christians’ Mum Sally is still Water Skiing at 60

    30th June 2019 by

    This is how a stranger inspired a 30 year promise to herself to never give up Sally Free has just turned 60 and is still mono-skiing. She was first inspired 30 years ago by a nameless silver haired lady, who she would see on her favourite beach every season. A lady who would walk down… Read more

  • Hello! Welcome to HomeintheBay!

    30th June 2019 by

    We have created HomeintheBay as a showcase of all things wonderful about everyday boating. Now, we aren’t talking superyachts and champagne with 10 crew, posing on deck with supermodels for a perfect Instagram post. (Sorry! Not sorry!). We are talking real life everyday boating. We like to think of it as after work boating, where… Read more

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